Step by Step Guide to LGV Category C & C+E

Category C:

Step 1
Candidate to apply to DVLA for a Provisional Category C Licence
- Medical required D4 medical form to be completed
- Complete D2 Application form
Price: Varies from one Doctor's surgery to another = approx. £80.00/£100 per person. If you would like us to send you the D2 provisional application and D4 medical form, please let us know.
Timescale:  Dependant on the candidate sending through application/medical form to the DVLA.  Once received by the DVLA, the candidate can expect to receive their licence back within 10-14 days, providing no additional information is required by the DVLA i.e. if something has been filled out incorrectly on the application form etc., or additional information is required relating to the medical information received.


Please follow the link at the bottom of this page to order D2 and D4 forms

Step 2
On receipt of Provisional Category C Licence
- Arrange with Celtic Transport Training your training needs and timescale required.
Celtic Transport Training to arrange Module 1a (theory) and Module 1b (hazard perception) tests with DSA
+ At this point we would also arrange the Driver CPC Initial Module 2 Case Study test if required (see below)
Price:  £50.00 - No VAT (theory = £35.00, hazard = £15.00) per person (if candidate is unsuccessful with either test, these can be rebooked individually)
Timescale: theory availability within 2-3 weeks

Step 3
On passing theory/hazard perception tests Celtic Transport Training
to arrange standard training course including Module 3 (practical test)
** The majority of candidates will require a standard 5 day course.
  At this point we would also (subject to candidate already passing Driver CPC Initial Module 2 Case Study Test) arrange Driver CPC Initial Module 4 Vehicle Safety Questions Test (see below)
Price: (Module 3 - practical test):  £115.00 - No VAT per person
Timescale:  Dependant on course availability - courses usually available within 2-4 weeks (however, courses sometimes available at short notice)
On passing the Module 3 (practical test) candidates licenses will be sent through to DVLA to add the new licence entitlement.  At this point provisional licence entitlement for Category C+E will be granted

++ Initial Driver CPC from 10th September 2009
Additional Modular tests required (Module 2 & 4) if candidate obtained their Category B (car licence) after 1997
Case Study (Module 2) -  £30.00 per person  (taken at step 2 above)
Driver CPC Practical Test (Vehicle Safety Questions Test) (Module 4) -  £55.00 per person, this does not include Celtic Transport Trainings vehicle/training
Please contact the office for further information about the Driver CPC Initial Tests

Category C+E:

 Step 1
If candidate has recently passed Category C licence upgrade with Celtic Transport Training, then initial assessment may not be required.  However, if a candidate passed their Category C licence some time ago then initial driving assessment is advised, again this is offered free of charge.
Timescale:  assessment availability within 2-3 weeks

Step 2
Celtic Transport Training to arrange standard training course.

With experience of towing trailers = 3 days

With no experience = 4 days 
Price: (Module 3 - practical test):  £115.00 - No VAT 
 Timescale:  Dependant on course availability - courses usually available within 2-4 weeks (however, courses sometimes available at short notice)

All training days are full days, starting at 0830 and finishing at 1600.



Important Notice - New Legislation was introduced at the beginning of April 2010 regarding who can supervise learner drivers in Category C1-7.5 tonnes. Those holding pre-1997 licences on "grandfather rights" can no longer supervise learners.

Only drivers who have passed the DSA C1 or C LGV test can now supervise learners in category C1 - 7.5 tonnes (7.5t), providing they passed the relevant test prior to the new legislation and only if grandfather rights were already held. If they passed the practical test after this date the standard three year qualifying period to act as a supervising driver for the relevant category applies.

Celtic Transport Training provide training and courses for the category C1 - 7.5 Tonne Licence (c1-7.5t).
For example horsebox, ambulance, motorhome.
Celtic Transport Training  also provide C1+E - 7.5t & Trailer test courses for anyone wishing to tow with their C1 vehicle.

As with the B+E Entitlement, drivers passing their test from January 1997 (including re-tests) DO NOT have automatic entitlement to drive a vehicle over 3500kg. In order to gain this entitlement an additional C1 driving test and theory test must be taken and passed.

If you require the C1 - 7.5t licence for your work you may also require a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) in addition to the vocational licence.

Celtic Transport Training C1 - 7.5t courses are designed for those who do not require the driver CPC, for example: Any vehicle with a GVW of more than 3500kgs such as a horsebox, ambulance, motorhome or any vehicle being driven that is carrying material or equipment to be used by the driver in the course of their work, provided that driving the vehicle is not the driver's principal activity; or for non-commercial carriage of passengers of goods for personal use. 


The route for potential candidates for the C1-7.5t test is as follows:
  • Have a Drivers Medical to prove that you are physically fit to drive a Category C1 vehicle, form D4 needs to be completed and can be obtained online
  • Obtain your provisional entitlement on your licence by sending completed forms D2 and D4 with your licence to the DVLA. The licence will generally be returned within 2-4 weeks with the provisional entitlement added.
  • Take and pass the LGV Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test (please note these are two seperate tests).
  • Ring Celtic Transport Training to book your practical training for the C1 test - 7.5t.

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